Beyond Poinsettias: Great Houseplants for the Holidays (and Beyond)

Hello to all our green-thumbed friends and festive decorators!

As the holiday season rolls in, it’s the perfect time to step beyond the beloved poinsettia and invite a variety of lush houseplants into your home. True Blue Nursery has handpicked a splendid array of flora that will not only elevate your holiday décor but also continue to enrich your living space as the seasons change. Here’s our exclusive list:

  1. Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera): These festive plants burst into life with vibrant pink or white flowers just in time for the holidays. Ideal for spots with gentle, indirect light, they promise to add a splash of color to any room.
  2. Amaryllis: With their majestic, trumpet-like flowers, amaryllis stands out in any holiday setting. Select from a spectrum of colors, including deep reds, delicate pinks, and pristine whites, to complement your festive theme.
  3. Norfolk Island Pine: For those seeking a miniature version of the traditional Christmas tree, the Norfolk Island Pine offers a charming alternative that’s perfect for tighter spaces and lasts throughout the year.
  4. Cyclamen: Recognized for their heart-shaped foliage and striking flowers, cyclamen plants are a cool-season favorite that bring a touch of elegance to your holiday decor.
  5. African Violet: Challenging the notion that they’re solely for spring, African Violets with their rich, colorful blooms bring warmth and vibrancy to the wintry holidays.
  6. Ivy Topiaries: Sophisticated and verdant, ivy topiaries offer an artistic twist to your holiday decorations and can be beautifully accented with festive lights or baubles.
  7. Red Anthuriums: With their heart-shaped, vivid red blooms, anthuriums add a splash of tropical zest to your holiday display.
  8. Mini Holly Plants with Berries: True to the holiday spirit, these miniature hollies showcase glossy leaves and radiant red berries, embodying the quintessential Christmas vibe.
  9. Paperwhites: Their fragrant, star-shaped blossoms make paperwhites a timeless winter favorite, perfect for creating a stunning and aromatic centerpiece.
  10. Forced Caladiums: Caladiums bring an unexpected twist with their large, vibrant leaves, offering a bold pop of color and pattern to your festive assortment.

Pro Tip: When gifting plants, choose unique pots or festive wrappings to make your present unforgettable.

Conclusion: This holiday season, broaden your horizons with these magnificent houseplants. Drop by True Blue Nursery to pick these beauties and more for a home that’s as lively and inviting as the season itself.

Happy Holidays and here’s to a home filled with nature’s best from True Blue Nursery!