Fall Decorating Headquarters: A Celebration of Autumn’s Delights at True Blue Nurseries

As the summer heat gives way to the brisk embrace of autumn, the world around us undergoes a remarkable transformation. Trees adorned in hues of gold and crimson, the earth carpeted with fallen leaves – it’s a time of change and beauty. Capturing this essence and bringing it into our living spaces is a cherished […]

It’s Time To Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs!

Creating a 100-day burst of color with spring flowering bulbs in Pawleys Island, SC, thanks to True Blue Nurseries, is not only possible but also a spectacular way to celebrate the changing seasons. This article will guide you through selecting the right bulb types, provide planting tips specific to Pawleys Island’s climate, and offer creative […]

Lawn Revitalization: Lime and Seed with Expert Guidance from True Blue Nurseries

As the seasons unveil their vibrant colors, homeowners in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, are presented with a golden opportunity to rejuvenate their lawns. Enter True Blue Nurseries, your trusted partner in cultivating a thriving lawn. This comprehensive guide delves into the essential practices of liming and seeding, tailored to elevate your outdoor space. With the […]

Midnight Whispers: Designing a Radiant Moon Garden

There’s an unparalleled charm about gardens that dazzle and dance in the moon’s soft caress. This unique creation, known as a moon garden, is an amalgamation of blooms and foliage that come alive in the night, either illuminating, blossoming, or diffusing their aromatic scents. These gardens transform into the perfect spots for introspective, moonlit evenings. […]

From Seedlings to Stories: Gardening with Kids this August

In the midst of our screen-dominated world, reconnecting children with the lush rhythm of nature offers a timeless reprieve and an authentic touch of life’s organic splendors. Gardening comes to life as a mosaic of experiential lessons, imaginative wanderings, and a profound connection with the Earth’s abundant gifts. As August unfurls its sunlit tapestry, the […]

From Garden to Living Room: The Indoor Transition with True Blue Nursery

Hello to our cherished True Blue Nursery community! The gentle whispers of autumn are now nudging at our doors, signaling that it’s time to think about welcoming our outdoor plant companions to the warmth of our homes. If you’re feeling a smidge uncertain about this seasonal shift, don’t fret. The True Blue Nursery team is […]

Caring For Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cacti are easy to grow. When they bloom, they produce colorful tubular flowers in pink or lilac colors. They bloom a long time indoors and they are low-maintenance houseplants, which makes them popular. We’ll bet someone in your family has a Christmas Cactus! Despite their name, Christmas cacti are not desert cacti. Their natural habit is […]

Lawn Care Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

As your lawn endures the trials of Job this summer-drought, pestilence and disease-you must hold to the hope that there is a lush, green turf on the other side of this summer. Has your spring turf been reduced to an arid, brown toasty color? If not, you might want to submit your water bills for […]

Growing flowering plants from seed: Easier than you think!

Do you envision your garden to be a lush haven with an abundance of healthy plants and colorful flowers, with a constant show of hardy perennials and cheery annuals? Or do you see your dream garden filled with an abundance of vegetables and herbs, including some of the popular heirloom varieties of tomatoes, peppers or […]

How to Attract Birds

Overview of the Four Requirements for Attracting Backyard Birds Wild birds require four things to be attracted to a backyard: food, water, shelter and nesting sites. If you make each of these four things available, you will be amazed at how many different species of birds become regular backyard guests. Food A good food source […]